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Tax Season – Tips

1. Max It Out - Maximize retirement plan contributions.

2. Take Credit - Don't forget to claim the earned income tax credit (earnings less than $18.200).

3. Protect Yourself - Your PIN is for your eyes only. Keep it Safe!

4. Donate - Who knew your old things can reap a tax break

5. Back to School - there may be tax savings for you if you took a course or went back to school.

6. Health First - Make sure to check the box that you had health coverage for all the year.

7. Mucho Dinero - Have a foreign bank account? Know the rules.

8. Give Generously - If you have given more than $14K of gifts, you must report it.

9. Refund Baby - Expecting a big refund, check your year-to-date withholding.​

10. Be Smart - Be on time. File your return electronically or call.

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