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JobKeeper – next steps after enrolment

JobKeeper – next steps after enrolment

If you have already enrolled in the JobKeeper scheme, what are the next steps that must be completed before 31 May 2020?

Once you have enrolled for JobKeeper payments (Step 1), there are two key steps that you will need to complete prior to 31 May:

If you are claiming JobKeeper payments for April, you must also complete the following before Friday, 8 May:

Make sure you have paid your employees for April.

Step 2: Identify your employees

Once you are successfully enrolled, you need to identify the eligible employees and/or the business participant for who you are claiming the JobKeeper wage subsidy.

You, or your registered tax or BAS agent, must identify each eligible employee and the eligible business participant that you will claim the JobKeeper Payment for. You only complete this step once.

Ensure you include:

Before you start

Complete the Form

Log in to the ATO Business Portal using myGovID. View the COVID-19 screen and select.

If you have engaged us to act on your behalf, we will be in contact with you to complete this step.

For further details on how to lodge, see the ATO site.

JobKeeper Payment Periods

Period relating to each
JobKeeper Fortnight
Employees are 
paid on or before
130 March – 12 April8 May*
213 April – 26 April8 May*
327 April – 10 May10 May*
411 May – 24 May24 May*
525 May – 7 June7 June
68 June – 21 June21 June
722 June – 5 July5 July
86 July – 19 July19 July
920 July – 2 August2 August
103 August – 16 August16 August
1117 August – 30 August30 August
1231 August – 13 September13 September
1314 September – 27 September27 September

* You have until 31 May to enrol for JobKeeper if you intend to claim for wages paid for JobKeeper fortnights in April and May.

Step 3: Make a Monthly Business Declaration

Before you make your Declaration

You must provide information as to your current and projected turnover. This is not a retest of your eligibility, but rather an indication of how your business is progressing under the JobKeeper Payment scheme.

If your eligible employees change or leave your employment, you will need to notify the ATO through this monthly declaration.

You or your registered tax or BAS agent can make the business monthly declaration.

If you have eligible employees:

Make your Declaration

To make a business declaration each month:

If you have engaged us to act on your behalf, we will be in contact with you to complete this step.

We can help

If we act as your Tax Agent, we can assist you in completing the required forms and declarations.

Even if you are not a client of McSweeney CA, we still welcome any questions you may have as we would be happy to assist you and your businesses in a time of need.

We are always here to help.

McSweeney CA

One response to “JobKeeper – next steps after enrolment”

  1. Lindsey Blondel says:

    Hi David,
    Have you any info on steps for a sole trader?
    I have completed all the online steps on the ATO website, I hope !
    I should point out I don’t pay GST…. does that make a difference?
    I sat on the phone for an hour last week and finally got through to a lady at the Tax office, she said they had received my application and I just needed to fill in the return yesterday, which I did, and the money would probably just turn up in y account!
    I would like to know that it will… I also would like some reassurance that I am doing the right thing, I don’t want to commit fraud!
    Thanks so much….

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