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Are You in the 10%?

Did you know that more than 90% of the clients who come to me are not 100% clear on who their ideal client is. I mean, wow, that’s a pretty big percentage don’t you think? And you want to know what else, I used to be in this boat too.

When you think about it, it actually makes a lot of sense. You see, I find that the #1 reason why people don’t get clear on who their ideal client is, is that they think they actually do know who they are. And truth be told, yes, of course they do, it makes sense, right? You just don’t allow yourself to get the clarity because, well, then you would be put in a box, and you’d have to niche down, and you can really help anyone and everyone, right?

Well, not exactly but that is what you tell yourself because after all, you really are not selling a service are you? Are you in the 90%?


You are selling a transformation.

Your client comes to you with a problem, they want to experience something else, you help them, ie. provide your service, and whola, a transformation occurs, the cool thing is, that the person can’t actually go back to who they were before, they are changed, you taught them something and they transformed their lives, and or business in some form or another.

And, the truth is, that although your service could actually help, well, a lot of people, but think about it, does everyone actually desire to have this transformation, is everyone willing to do what it takes to get the transformation, is everyone willing to do the work, to invest in themselves, to pay you, absolutely not.

Yet, if you don’t gear your marketing to this fact, then your message becomes diluted, and the truth is that your ideal client, the one who is willing to pay you whatever you want, and work with you the way that you actually want to work, well, he/she cannot hear you. Your message does not resonate, they do not see you, and they do not buy.

Instead, you waste an absorbent amount of time preaching to the choir, sharing your message on deaf ears, burning yourself out and not making the impact that you really desire. And this leads to burnout, and a lot of times, I see people give up, because they are so tired of hearing no, or they lower their prices, again and again, but really what they need to do is actually get clear on who their ideal client is.

Your ideal client can pay you what you want to charge, your ideal client does want to work with you how you want to work, and wants your help with that thing that you can do in your sleep, that comes so easy to you, you feel like you can’t charge a lot for it, they want it, but because you are diluting your message, and likely marketing to the wrong people, well, your message falls on deaf ears, and your true ideal client never even sees you and if she/he can’t see you then they certainly cannot invest with you and you cannot provide the transformation that your client desperately needs.

So, stand up for what you believe, and claim who it is that you want to work with, get really super duper clear on who your ideal client is and then craft a marketing message that speaks to the transformation you provide, and then you can transform your business very quickly.

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